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Cocktail Pantry Search is a free web recipe app to help you search cocktail recipes by ingredients. Tell us what you have available in your pantry and bar cart, and we find you easy drink recipes you can make. You don’t need to be an expert mixologist to make really good cocktails at home. All you need is a quality recipe and a few minor but important details that many recipe sites omit. In addition to arranged ingredients that you need, we also tell you whether to mix or shake the drink, the type of ice, and glassware you need to make the drink. As long as you have a liquor bottle at home, whether a bottle of vodka, gin, whiskey, or tequila, we help you find the rest of the ingredients you need to make awesome drinks—because chances are, you already stock the most common cocktail ingredients. We curate only the best craft cocktail recipes so that you can make delicious drinks at home for you or your guests. Whether it’s only you with a great book, an at-home social distance date, or hosting and entertaining a group of friends, these are all tried and true delicious recipes.