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Tesla Tequila Review (A Blind Taste)

. 1 min read . Written by Cocktail Pantry Search Team
Tesla Tequila Review  (A Blind Taste)

A bad tequila has a way of making you wish you never tried it in the first place.

So when the most famous car company in the world releases a ‘premium’ tequila, you aren't sure what the final verdict will be.

Is this just another over-rated and overpriced celebrity tequila? Is this tequila actually any good?

It sold out pretty fast and bottles are going crazy in eBay, is it really all that good?

Lets discuss:

Here's an unboxing and blind taste:


Very floral nose, note of patchouli stood out. It kept reminding me of the Purple Patchouli Tom Ford perfume.


First thing that stood out was the juicy mouthfeel. The main note that stood out to me was dried mango, followed by some vanilla and a slight note of oak. The finish is long and spicy.


It's great to see that they partnered with a company to source good juice.

Nosotros Tequila sources good tequila for their own labels. They've won a couple of awards, including one at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Closing Thoughts

This is truly a legit luxury tequila, great bottle design and really good tequila. When we finish the liquid, we will be refilling the bottle and keeping it as a wonderful center-piece.

If they re-release, this would make for a really nice gift for someone special.

Tesla has done a great job promoting themselves as an environmentally conscious company, but many people don’t realize their focus on luxury and lifestyle. The release of this premium tequila is just one more way for people to connect the dots between how they live and how Tesla has played a part in their lives.