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How to Do A Cocktail Search by Ingredients

. 1 min read . Written by Cocktail Pantry Search Team
How to Do A Cocktail Search by Ingredients

There are hundreds of thousands of cocktail recipes on the internet. Some very good, others, not so good.

When searching for a cocktail recipe, a smart way to look would be to "go with what you got" from your kitchen cabinet or bar cart.

You don't have to chase a recipe, the recipe comes to you.

Thankfully, there is a way to intuitively search for cocktail recipes based on the ingredients you have at hand.

Here's a very easy way to do a cocktail search by ingredients:

  1. Go to Cocktail Pantry Search.
  2. Type in one ingredient you have in the search bar, immediately—it will show you recipes you can make with such ingredient.
  3. Type another ingredient, and it will narrow down the recipes you can make with those two ingredients.
  4. Type a third, and it narrows it down further.
  5. Pick a cocktail recipe that sounds good to you. That's it!


If you know what cocktail you want to drink, just type the cocktail name and it will give you the recipe for such a drink.

Finally, there's a way to search for cocktail recipes that work with you not against you.

Find cocktail recipes intuitively, not going down a rabbit hole on Google, or dealing with clunky-hard-to-use websites.

Easy peasy.